Help: Action steps to take in an emergency or crisis

If you have safety concerns about yourself or someone else, seek help immediately.

Help is a phone call away

Connect with someone immediately in an emergency.

Seek a safe space

You have options if you’re alone and afraid of your thoughts/feelings.

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Help is a phone call away

During an emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out. Use these resources to connect with help immediately, day or night.

Dial 988 for help with an immediate mental health crisis

If you’re having thoughts of suicide or feelings of emotional distress, dial 988 to connect with the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. Skilled and trained counselors will listen and provide personalized support for urgent and emergency mental health concerns. Counselors are available 24/7, 365 days per year.

Dialing 988 is also appropriate if you have concerns about someone other than yourself and need guidance or support. If your need is not as immediate and you prefer to start with an online chat instead of calling, go to

Dial 911 if you need the police, fire department or ambulance

If you feel immediately threatened, or have harmed yourself and need immediate medical treatment, dial 911.

Use the right resources for the situation

Keep in mind that 911 dispatchers typically do not have specific background and training in handling mental health and suicide-related concerns. Also, law enforcement (often the first responders when dialing 911) may not be necessary or appropriate for a mental health issue.

Counselors available through 988 are highly trained to assist people in emotional distress or who are suicidal. When calling 988, you are connected to a skilled individual at a crisis center for support.

Seek a safe space

If you’re alone and afraid of your thoughts or feelings or are experiencing symptoms don’t delay in finding care.

Get immediate help if you’re afraid or in danger

If you’re alone and feel you may harm yourself or others, are having delusions or are experiencing significant, rapid changes in your behavior, head straight to the nearest emergency room for immediate care.

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