Boost: Tools and tips to enhance overall wellbeing

Take control of your mental and emotional wellbeing!

Be in the know

Put online information and tools to work for you, including helpful assessments, videos, articles and more.

Take care of yourself

Get ongoing preventive care and talk to your doctor about your emotional health concerns.

Be prepared

Minimize stress and enhance your peace of mind with family resources.

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Be in the know

Empower your wellbeing journey using a variety of online information and tools that can help you evaluate your current situation, build awareness and learn ways to cope or make improvements in your life.

Check out what available through the Resources for Living website

Resources for Living is a confidential Employee Assistance Program designed to help you and your family members with a variety of needs. The Resources for Living website (username and password = MYDOWEAP) offers 24/7 access to a library of information, including online articles, emotional health videos, webinars and other self-help resources. Plus, the online resource centers provide helpful tips and tools, including wellbeing assessments.

Access online tools and information through Dow’s Wellbeing Portal

Dow’s Wellbeing Portal provides access to resources to help you feel your best ― physically, emotionally, socially and financially. You'll find mental and behavioral health tools and information you can take advantage of based on your interests and preferences.

Take care of yourself

Serious stress, loss or experiencing a traumatic event can impact your overall health and wellbeing. Taking care of yourself physically ― including seeing your doctor, addressing any health concerns and taking time away from work ― can boost your emotional health as well.

See your doctor regularly

Getting your annual physical is the best way to see where things are going well, and where you may need some help to prevent bigger problems from developing. Plus, your doctor is familiar with your personal history and can make recommendations as soon as symptoms start emerging. Remember to consider your options for care and take preventive actions throughout the year.

Take time to unwind

Taking time off work can leave you feeling renewed, putting you in a better position to handle life’s stressors. Dow offers a generous vacation program that gives you the time and flexibility you need to take time away from work to pursue your interests, care for your family and relax (learn more in the HR Knowledge Base on the Dow internal network). You can view your Time & Absence information through the My HR Portal. Also, Dow recognizes there are times you may need additional time off, offering leave policies for a number of situations.

Be prepared

Being prepared can help minimize potential stress and enhance your peace of mind knowing you’re ready for what life throws at you.

Get family and household support

When your regular care falls through, leverage Bright Horizons. Bright Horizons Back-up Care offers access to high-quality child or elder care when you need care in a pinch. Register today so you’re ready when you need it.

Connect with consultants to help you find everyday resources

WorkLife Services through Resources for Living is designed to save you time, energy ― and stress. Consultants are available to help you find resources for everyday needs.

Set yourself up with legal help so you’re prepared down the road

Preparing a will – and keeping it updated ― can help ensure your assets are divided based on your wishes. Learn more under personal support when dealing with a loss.