Support: Assistance with a specific challenge

We all need a little extra support from time to time. It’s ok to seek support!

Talk it out

When you find yourself struggling, you’re not alone. Reach out to talk to someone.

Support to work on yourself

Additional support and guidance to help you work on your wellbeing.

Dealing with a loss

You may have extra support available if you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Medical plan resources

Discover the additional support available through your Dow medical plan.

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Talk it out

We all experience times when things don’t seem okay, and it’s ok to reach out to others for support. These resources are designed to support you with a variety of emotional health needs.

Resources for Living offers 24/7 support

Resources for Living, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers support whenever you need it. Qualified mental health professionals are available 24/7 to offer short-term support as well as options for longer-term support. Call (888) 488-4488 to talk to someone right away or visit the Resources for Living website (username and password = MYDOWEAP).

Behavioral health treatment through your medical plan

Your medical plan allows for additional mental health, behavioral health and substance misuse services on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, as well as medication-assisted treatment that combines the use of medications with counseling and behavioral therapy to provide a “whole patient” approach to treatment. You can also receive behavioral health care from the comfort of your home with Teladoc through Aetna (other medical carriers may offer similar services).

Talk to others facing similar issues

While your situation and feelings are unique, it can help to connect with others going through similar issues you’re facing. National crisis lines are completely confidential and are available 24/7 to talk to someone about a specific issue.

Support to work on yourself

If you want to work on your emotional health but aren’t sure how, check out the following resources that are designed to help guide and support you with personalized development plans and activities ― based on what you need.

Strengthen your mind and body with myStrength

myStrength can help you strengthen your mind and body. With myStrength, you have access to a flexible and comprehensive digital program with proven tools and dedicated support to help with several emotional or physical challenges you may be dealing with.

Build your resilience with MeQuilibrium (MeQ)

When faced with a hardship or problem, resilience is how well we can adapt to the events in our life – someone with good resilience has the ability to bounce back more quickly and with less stress. MeQ (available in the Dow Wellbeing Portal under the Programs tab) provides tools and techniques to help you take control of your emotional wellbeing and build resilience – at your pace.

Work on your financial wellbeing with Enrich

Enrich provides education and support to help you with your finances, including instant access to financial experts via phone or live chat. Access Enrich in the Dow Wellbeing Portal under the Programs tab.

Use self-paced coaching sessions to help work toward your goals

Participate in personal, confidential coaching sessions with a skilled professional who will guide you in setting goals that make sense for your life and help you thrive – all online and at your own pace

Dealing with a loss

Funeral planning and discounts

We know it can be difficult to focus on funeral planning while grieving, which is why we offer resources to help, including planning assistance and discounts.

Free counseling after a loss

Access free grief counseling designed to focus on specific issues relating to loss, such as a death, divorce, job loss or serious medical diagnosis.

Legal help

You may have access to legal help related to a loss, including help preparing or updating a standard will and estate resolution services, all for little or no cost to you.

Medical plan resources

It’s not just medical ― take advantage of the support, tools and resources designed to support your mental and emotional wellbeing ― all available through your Dow medical plan.